Tivo/DVR Has Made Me a TV Junkie!

April 21, 2009 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

For most of my life, I wasn’t really a TV watcher. At any given time, I might have one show that I like to keep up with fairly regularly but usually I’d get bored after a season or so and forget about it. (With the one exception of The X-Files in the early 90s; I was a devout follower). Anyway, since we got DVR service first in 2006, I seem to have developed an ever-growing list of my own must-see TV…which typically means I’m up late every night watching shows after the kids go to bed (because let’s face it, it’s hard to enjoy a show like LOST or 24 with 3 rugrats running around). Yet I still wonder why I’m so tired in the a.m. or have to rush around to get everybody off in the mornings. I’m not sure if I could even list all of the shows I “tivo” without looking at my prioritizer…that’s how long the list is…. Every time I manage to take something off the list (for example, I used to tivo Monk, Psych and The Closer but dropped them because I hardly ever got around to watching them unless they were reruns on a Sunday afternoon), I end up adding more again. It’s hard to even prioritize them anymore…I think it may be time for an intervention.

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