So this is what internet addiction looks like. It’s around midnight and I’m typing this on my cell phone in the pitch dark of the guest room at Bryan’s granddad’s house in Auburndale, Florida. We’re having a great time aside from the internet withdrawal. They have service, but it’s dial-up … and once you go […]

A God Citation

Ugh! I got a speeding ticket today! I haven’t gotten a ticket in YEARS (like 10, probably)! This sucks. We’ve already been stressing a bit about money, since we’re now paying rent plus our mortgage payment on the house we can’t seem to sell in Tennessee. And now this! I cried…and not to try to […]

My Little Girl

Every day when I pick The Girl up from school, she proceeds to tell me all about her day. Her stories are typically very detailed and pretty entertaining, considering the perspective of an 8-year-old. I’ve been telling her that she should start writing her stories down. She keeps a journal at school, and I’ve read […]

Lazy Days

Today (well, actually “yesterday” officially now) was a “lazy day.” Such are few and far between in a world full of kids and dogs, etc., but oh so precious! I slept until 9:30!!! It’s really quite unbelievable to me. I woke up several times to look at the clock, shift pillows or blankets around, let […]