Scatterbrained Multitasker

February 19, 2009 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I’m scatterbrained. This is one of those brutally honest truths you can say about yourself while reserving the right to be thoroughly offended should any one else dare to say the same about you. But, seriously, there’s no better way to put it. Most of the time I try to spin it more positively, using terms like multitask, for instance. Sometimes, though, my “multi-tasks” get the better of me. As I sit here blogging, I think of how I really need to study more, how I must plan the next writing cycle for my students, or how there’s a mountain of laundry waiting to be put away (not to mention the growing range of that still to be washed). On the upside, though, I am typing this on my cellphone while poking through the car-rider line to pick up the kids and trekking back to the townhome (or mailboxes, then townhome) to unload kids and backpacks and blankies. Hmmm, scared anyone?

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