25 Random Things About Me

January 26, 2009 stephhwilliams 2 Comments

Okay, so my cousin Becky tagged me for this on Facebook and I decided to post it here as well so…here’s my 25:

WARNING: Bryan helped with these so I will not guarantee the veracity of any of the following statements…

1. My favorite show is Smallville….mainly because I like to drool over Tom Welling. [I acknowledge that there are much more “intellectually intriguing” shows out there and others that would more accurately be dubbed my “favorite” but OMG just look at him!!!]

2. I hate to let anyone else drive because I am “such a control freak.” [A more accurate statement would be that I hate to let Bryan drive because he does this “foot thing” where he doesn’t maintain a consistent speed and I end up either being nauseated or having mini-whiplash.]

3. I don’t like feet…I think they’re gross, except for Wonder Boy’s…I can’t explain this at all but the idea of “monkey-toeing” anything makes me want to vomit or scratch out my eyes.

4. I love Elton John. [This statement is the result of my confessing to Bryan that my favorite song when I was 8 was “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” by Elton John; thus, it must logically follow that I love this man!]

5. I like to do taxes…it was one of my favorite classes in law school. [I don’t have anything funny to say about this; it’s just true.]

6. I am part-Native American…Cherokee and Comanche from both my mom’s and dad’s sides of the family… [hmm, perhaps that’s why they fought so much] and…I used to dress up like a little squaw and do a rain-dance.

7. I drink at least a gallon of tea each day…sweet, of course. [This, of course, is likely a slight exaggeration…what can I say, I like tea.]

8. I drive a minivan and I love it.

9. I used to run track before I blew out my knee; now I just run around aimlessly chasing kids.

10. I hate to hear “weird noises” (i.e., smacking) while eating even though I “make the loudest of anyone.” [It’s TMJ people, I can’t help it.]

11. I make fantastic meatballs. [Yep, that’s right, I do.]

12. I have owned a Geo and a Daewoo. [But it’s all still Greek to me.]

13. I regularly complete 500+ piece puzzles in one night. [I have a life, I really do…I’d just rather do puzzles :)].

14. I have read the entire Harry Potter series…at least 4 times. [I’ll be starting on my 5th tour as soon as I’m finished with the bar exam].

15. My favorite book of all time is Moby Dick. [No, seriously.]

16. I like Brix better than Belle. [There might be some truth to this, unfair though it may be.]

17. I was named after Stefanie Powers from Hart to Hart and singer Crystal Gayle…out of a TV Guide at the hospital.

18. I am a “blogger.” [This word is followed by a low laugh reminiscent of Beavis & Butthead as though it’s a bad word.]

19. I am constantly trying to figure out, with the intensity of Perry Mason, how everything Bryan says could be an attack or insult. [Which one of us do you think is paranoid?]

20. I am “off coke.” [Bryan says, clapping at himself like old men do when they’ve made what they think is a good joke. Coca-cola, of course!]

21. I judge Bryan’s contribution to the family by the number of phone calls he makes related to household matters. [I’m telling you, it’s never enough folks.]

22. I am a good mommy to Wonder Boy, Boy Genius, The Girl and Brix (poor Belle), a good wife to Bryan, and a good friend. [This is Bryan getting tired and wanting to go to bed…and trying to get points along the way ;)].

23. I have the “jimmy leg” (a Seinfeld reference for those of you who don’t know). [This is an outright lie! I’m always trying to get Bryan to stay on his side of the bed…I don’t cross borders while sleeping.]

24. I used to work at The Frosted Mug, a drive-in burger joint where I was a successful waitress…luckily roller skates and smiles were optional at the time. [Actually, I was quite pleasant at the time…though I realize some might think that physiologically impossible.]

25. With a pack of sweet-tarts or spree and 8 bottles of tea, I can drive 18 hours in a car that smells like a wet third-world country’s trash heap in alternating intervals of total silence (because everyone else is asleep) and total chaos (because children are screaming and/or Bryan’s jammin’ out to Alabama, Charlie Daniels or, most recently, the Zac Brown Band. BUT, on a mere five-minute ride to the handi-pak (that’s northern Florida talk for “gas station”), if Bryan smacks his gum one time, I’ll throw a hissy fit and “turn this car around right now!” [Yep, that pretty much sums it up.]

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