Happy Anniversary

January 5, 2009 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

This past Saturday was our 10th wedding anniversary and we just keep getting better! We had a wonderful time on a weekend getaway to Branson. We had planned on going to our house in TN, renting a Uhaul and bringing some stuff back here for the move out of the corporate housing at the end of this month. BUT, at the last minute, we decided that was too much to try to do in the short amount of time that we had. So Bryan got a couple of nights in a hotel for free using reward points he racked up when he used to travel all the time and we got a kid-free weekend in Branson for just the cost of meals!! Mema and Anna drove over from Birmingham and stayed with the kids and dogs here at the apartment so that Bryan and I could have a smooth, uncomplicated trip to Branson and back.
Most people would probably think we’re crazy, because we didn’t really do anything special, but it really was wonderful. We drove to Branson on Friday night, stopping to eat at a little Mexican restaurant on the way (because it was the only option with a TV and Bama was playing in the Sugar Bowl – terrible game, really, but I digress). Then, on Saturday, we just hung out, walked up and down the Landing, checked out the shops and sites, and went to see a movie (The Day the Earth Stood Still – hmm, “interesting,” I believe, is the word). We had dinner at THE original Outback Steak & Oyster Bar. It’s got menu items similar to Outback Steakhouse but it came first. Our waiter said that Outback Steakhouse has brought suit and tried to buy them out before, to no avail, because “nana-nana-boo-boo we had the name first” (ok, so that wasn’t a direct quote).
Anyway, we had steak and shrimp and lobster (we splurged since we weren’t spending money on show tickets), and then we went for drinks. First, we went to this “Dueling Piano Bar & Grill” place but didn’t stay because there was a cover charge (and I think Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation began to rear his ugly head after we’d paid for dinner). Then we went to Bar Louie’s for awhile and played video trivia at the bar until we’d spent what we saved in the cover charge. We finally ended up at Waxy O’Shea’s Irish Pub, where the highlight was a very entertaining band of misfits playing everything from the Blues to Blink 182 and a couple of dancing patrons who’d clearly had more than their share of liquid courage.
We ended the evening watching the Colts lose the wild card game to San Diego, which upset me quite a bit more than I expected, though, apparently, I didn’t lose any sleep over it for sure – Bryan said I slept like a rock all night and I didn’t even wake up long enough to huff at him for making too much noise when he awoke at his usual time, the crack of dawn. All in all, it was a wonderful, and much-needed, anniversary weekend, and, though we missed our kiddies a bunch, it was nice to have some “us” time again!

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