My New ‘Mini’ Blog

December 27, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I have started another blog, this one a mini-blog of sorts, to compliment this one. Its posts will be accessible via the link in the top left-hand corner; the first is copied below for descriptive purposes. Enjoy!

“The Birth of ZuZu’s Petals

In Frank Capra’s holiday classic It’s A Wonderful Life, George Bailey affectionately calls his sick daughter by the name “zuzu.” When he learns she has come home from school sick, he checks on her and she shows him her flower and loose petals. With the innocence only a child can muster, Zuzu asks Daddy to ‘fix it.’ George, the good daddy that he is, doesn’t tell her it’s impossible, but rather pretends to be reattaching the petals while secretly stashing them in his trouser coin pocket. Those very petals, along with a bleeding lip and wrecked car, later inspire George, once he has been given his life “back,” to truly appreciate all with which he has been blessed, culminating with his triumphant trek down the main street of Bedford Falls toward his home, Mary and the kids … his wonderful life. Thus, this blog is intended to be “petals” for life — mini-posts of info, quotes, or whatever else moves me…in hopes that it will move others too.”

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