Christmas Cookies & PJs Day 2008

December 24, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

Yesterday was a day for memory-making! The kids and I dubbed it “Christmas Cookies & PJs Day.” Obviously, they each spent the day in their pajamas: The Girl in her new pink and green camouflage set with matching robe, sporting “Hunting Diva” on the back; Boy Genius in his new light-up-when-you-move Star Wars set; and Wonder Boy in Spiderman, of course. We started the day off with The Girl testing out her culinary skills, using the Paula Dean My First Cookbook that Mema got her for Christmas. She made us cinnamon rolls and they were absolutely delicious! She was very proud of herself and I was amazed at how little assistance she required. Basically, I just handled the oven part. She’s getting sooo big. Boy Genius felt a little left out though, I think, so a little later in the day we made our cookies for Santa and he got to be in charge! We had a harder time with these because we realized there was no cookie sheet in the apartment a little too late! No matter, it’s the memory that counts!

Once the cookies cooled, it was time to decorate them! The Girl and Boy Genius definitely have different techniques, and the differences might surprise you. The Girl would rush through each cookie and grasp frantically for the next before Boy Genius could even get the butter knife out of the pudding jar, as if it were some sort of contest. He, on the other hand, painstakingly smoothed the icing from edge to edge on his cookie (I’m pretty sure his tongue was sticking out, a sure sign of concentration), almost as if he were working on his latest Legos set (it’s times like these that I think he might have inherited his dad’s OCD). Wonder Boy, of course, was the all-too important taste-tester; and, believe me, he took his job quite seriously, though his ability to savour each bite might have been hindered by his continuous shoveling of pieces into his tiny little mouth!

All in all, the day was a great success, culminated in watching Christmas movies on ABC Family. I think we have a winner for a new family tradition!

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