Redemption Math (Worm-Free and Only a Side of Vomit)

December 19, 2008 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

The Girl made an “A” on her math test today! An “A,” woohoo! I’m soooo proud of her; it’s such a great improvement. Last night when we were practicing +9 flashcards and she was whining “but I already know my niiiiinnes (think, at least 3 syllables),” I told her she needed to concentrate and do her very best and, oh yeah, make an “A.” No pressure, right? But she did it. She paid attention and completed the test and got an “A.” Even better, today at her class Christmas party, her teacher told me that she is so proud of her for doing so much better lately. She said her work and her effort have improved and that she must have “turned a corner” in adapting to the move and new school. Alright! Go mommy, go mommy….I mean, go Girl, go Girl 🙂
Now Boy Genius may have vomited again today (see earlier posts Vomit, Worms & Math…Three of a Kind and Best Laid Plans), but I made sure he didn’t smudge The Girl’s A!

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