This is Your Brain on Television

December 2, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

We are a fairly intelligent group. Between us, Bryan and I have seven college/graduate degrees. Not only that, we’re generally pretty adept at how things work and have a pretty generous proportion of common sense. Now, wait, lest you think I’m being immodest, read on. Since we moved into this temporary housing situation, I’ve been on a quiet (though not always) rampage about the quality (or lack thereof) of the cable television provided. I have been the first to acknowledge that I have become quite spoiled by DirecTV and my DVR, which has had the indubitable effect of addicting me to television shows I would not normally have the time or patience to watch. I’ve ranted many a time about how not being able to watch Fox News is like “living in the stone age” and that having only “2-13” is tantamount blasphemic cable.

Today, Ben (my 17 month old, mind you), was playing with the TV remote, and, before I could grab it, he, of course, pushed several buttons at once and the TV began an automatic program “search” for channels. Ohhh… auto-program, search… we’ve been here a month! Next thing I know, we’ve got CHANNELS, I mean, REAL CHANNELS. HGTV, Fox News, TLC, Animal Planet, VH1, Disney, Cartoon Network. Now it’s no DirecTV and DVR, but after stupidly living with 2-13 for a month, c’mon! Now, if the TV would only sprout limbs and do laundry, we’d be set.

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