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December 1, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

So I’m really enjoying this whole blogging thing but … I sort of “got in trouble” on Saturday about it. I’d been sitting in the recliner pecking away at the keys when Bryan suddenly asked, “What’re you smirking about?” (Was I smirking? I didn’t realize it.) Anyway, I quickly answered, so as not to lose my train of thought, “blogging.” Now, again, I was concentrating so I’m not sure but…I think I distinctively heard a “hmph!” I finished up my post (which was one of my shorter ones, by the way) and went into the kitchen to help Bryan fix dinner. After a few quiet moments, he finally said, “You know, just because you like ‘blogging’ doesn’t mean you can do it instead of talking to me.” I’ll admit, I was a bit taken aback…was I suddenly not talking to him now? Thankfully, years of practice has finally tamed my tongue and, rather than responding in my typical go-to sarcastic tone, I kindly said, “I know, but I’ve already told you everything I put on there anyway.” Uh-oh…he asked what I had just posted. I told him, so sure I’d already given him the story about the classic rock when I arrived home on Friday night…apparently not. So I went through the story and expected a laugh but, instead, he responded dejectedly, “See, normally you would have just told me that.” Whoa…and I always thought he just thought I talked too much. No, he likes me…he really, really likes me (oops, a little sarcasm still leaks out every now and then). So yesterday I shared all my random thoughts, ideas and feelings out loud to him rather than blogging; and, even though I’m still not convinced that blogging has decreased our conversation, I’ll still bet the farm he won’t be complaining anymore ;).

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