Me and My Shadow

November 26, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

The other day, while going through family photos on the computer and trying to pick one for Christmas cards, I noticed something. In so many of the photos, Wonder Boy is looking at Boy Genius rather than the camera. Now I know that it’s completely normal for the toddler to not be looking at the camera, but, I tell you, it’s uncanny. It’s a perfect representation of how much Wonder Boy wants to be like Boy Genius. He follows him around, tries to do the same things as him, wants to play with all his toys, etc. But then yesterday…

Boy Genius was sitting on the floor watching PBS after school and Wonder Boy was playing with pots and pans from the cabinet (I had moved all the glass lids and was letting him go for it). Suddenly, I heard a “WHACK”! Wonder Boy had hit Boy Genius upside the back of the head with a frying pan and was trying to do it again as Boy Genius was toppled over, face down on the floor, sobbing. I rushed over, took the pan from Wonder Boy, popped him on the hand and said firmly “No,” while pulling Boy Genius to me to hug. As I looked back at Wonder Boy, he actually smirked. Well, I guess he has succeeded; he’s already more like Boy Genius than I thought.

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