humble beginnings part 3

November 20, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

And on…

From Corpus, Bryan got an opportunity to work more on the corporate level for a hospital holding company in Franklin, Tennessee. So off we went. Franklin was absolutely wonderful. When we sold our house in Texas, we bought one in an established neighborhood in south Franklin in a good school district. Our kids loved it there and so did we. The dogs had a big yard to run wild in and we had the best neighbors in the world!!!! I was getting bored not working but didn’t want to put Ben in full-time daycare, so I took a part-time job working in the nursery at the YMCA. I could take Ben with me to work and got discounts on all sorts of sports/dance programs for the kids. Also, I made some really lasting friendships with many of my co-workers there.

I also decided to go ahead and sit for the Tennessee bar exam, so that I’d have my state license when I was ready to go back to practicing. I took the exam in July 2008 and was admitted to the bar there. (So now I have two state law licenses, Alabama and Tennessee, and don’t live in either one!).

There are so many things we will miss about Franklin for a long time to come, but, alas, God always has a plan…

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