humble beginnings part 2

November 20, 2008 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

and I go on…

After law school, I clerked for a bankruptcy judge in Anniston, Alabama for a year and Bryan began to move up in nursing administration at a hospital in Birmingham. After my clerkship, I went to work practicing, first doing solely bankruptcy type work for a large firm in Birmingham and then doing a wider range of work for a smaller firm there as well.

In winter 2005/2006, Bryan got an opportunity to progress to a director level position within hospital/nursing administration in Corpus Christi, Texas. Thus, he moved there in February 2006 and the kids (The Girl and Boy Genius) and I joined him in May of that year when our house sold. We were in Corpus for less than 2 years. I didn’t really like it there, but there were a few good things that came of it:

1. We had Wonder Boy! I had decided not to take the Texas bar exam and to stay home for awhile with our older two; and, then, we decided to have another. If we had stayed in Birmingham, where I would have certainly continued to practice, we probably would not have decided to have any more children because I wouldn’t have wanted to take time off from work. (Though it’s really God’s plan, isn’t it?).

2. We, individually and as a family, grew closer to God again. I say quite a bit that He “pulled us back.” We found an AWESOME church there and, though I wasn’t “at home” in the town, we were definitely “at home” at church! We made wonderful friends there and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything — God does work wonders!

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