DC-Area Extras #dcchristmas

Saying there’s so much to do in the DC area is probably the understatement of the millennia. But there’s even more than just museums and monuments and memorials, oh my.  Here are a few of our highlights: We spent a morning in Georgetown … And walked (down) the Exorcist Stairs and stepped back in history […]

DC-Area Dining #dcchristmas

The other day an old friend asked if I had any recommendations for places to eat in DC, and it reminded me that I hadn’t yet posted about our Christmas trip dining adventures. And it’s almost February. Ah, life and priorities. So, if for no other reason than posterity … I struggled a bit with […]

DC-Area Museums and Government Locales #dcchristmas

Continuing with our #dcchristmas trip … The Smithsonian Institution maintains 19 museums and galleries, plus the National Zoo, in the DC area. Thus, we knew before we even arrived that we’d barely make a dent in that number. The newly-opened Museum of African-American History and Culture was operating on a ticketing system while we were […]

DC-Area Monuments, Memorials & Other Historical Sites #dcchristmas

Our trip to DC was filled with awe-inspiring history. Just walking down the streets felt almost sacred in parts. It made me wonder how much people, particularly those who live and/or work in the area daily, become immune to it. We spent an afternoon at the National Mall and could have easily spent days: Lincoln […]

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Throwing Holiday Traditions Out the Window? #dcchristmas

The holiday season that ends one year and ushers in another is often a time of tradition. I think most people would say they have some sort of Christmas tradition, whether it be a big feast and fellowship with family and friends or something smaller, like marathon watching A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful […]


No Air

I don’t travel well. I like the idea of going places, but nothing ever goes exactly as planned and that sends my anxiety into overdrive. I used to say it was because traveling with small children was hard. Well,  the kids aren’t small anymore, and I stress even when they’re not with me. Take this […]

The Fun Parent

This week marks what has become an annual occurrence that I call “Kidcation.” The kids get a vacation from cleaning their rooms, milking goats, feeding animals and doing other chores; and they get to spend a week with their Mema, where the order of the day is as much fun as possible, as little “no” […]

Kidcation 2012

It should probably be called “momcation” but kidcation is what I used last year, and I’m nothing if not consistent. So the kids left yesterday with Pepa to travel back to Alabama to stay with Mema for their annual visit. This time for two weeks. All three kids gone for two weeks. No kids for […]

Crazy Vacation Utterances

Last week we vacationed at Gulf Shores for the week with Pepa.  It was a long, fun week filled with pool trips, beach outings and LOTS of seafood. Over the course of the week, in my state of sheer exhaustion from chasing kids in the sun, I may have said a few crazy things like: […]