Revising the “Rules” of Parenting

If you’re even a semi-regular follower of this not-so-regular blog, then you know that I published a book a few years back. That book offered 5 rules, in a bit of a tongue-and-cheek sort of way, for being a good mom. The 5 rules: Rule #1: Don’t beat yourself up (even when you’re certain you […]

Out with the Old, In with the New

May is a time of endings and new beginnings; this truth is never more evident than with high school and college graduations. But even without a current graduate* in the house, we’ve had our own share of endings and beginnings this month.  (Technically, Bryan graduates in July with his Doctorate of Nursing Practice!)  Truth be […]

A New Outlook on Blogging

As I am working through Jeff Goins‘ Intentional Blog course, I’m learning to focus my blog on the things I’m really passionate about. I intend to write more about the two topics that consume my mind both day and night: writing and motherhood/family. Learn more about me and my plan for this blog here.

The Farm at Apple Hill is now Apple Bottoms Farm

We’ve changed our name, but we’re still the same! Oh, and our website address. But other than that we’re the same. And our Facebook page. But really that’s it; everything else is the same. I think! “Apple Bottoms” is the name of our herd of dairy goats and is a lot simpler in the realm […]

Fair Show Results, 2012 Edition

The 2012 show season has come to a close for us. Here’s how it all went down: Lonoke County Fair & Livestock Show 2012, Dairy Goat Show Our does had a good showing at County this year! Youth (Junior) Show Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe Grand Champion (Mariah, shown by The Girl) Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe […]

Spring Farm Update

With kidding season and Spring Show, a lot has been happening here on the farm. Here’s the highs and lows: Kidding Season At one point, we had 8 kids on property. This being only our second year for breeding, that was a lot to us. Three of our does were due within days of each […]

Growing Pains

Remember that show from the 80s, with Kirk Cameron, Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold: Growing Pains? I loved that show. I wanted to be Carol Seaver, except that I always though Mike was too cute; he was a loveable troublemaker. Whenever I think about my kids growing up, I think of that show. The Girl. […]

As if we need more to do …

We’ve got two does in milk again, having kidded their babies in May.  So this means it’s time to make more goat cheese and/or soap.  Neither is an easy process, and thankfully I enjoy doing it.  The big question is FLAVOR? What to add to the cheese for taste and the soap for smell. Any […]

(Goat) Kids for Sale and Other Updates

I’ve just spent hours updating the website after months of absence. We’ve had a lot going on here on the farm but unfortunately I haven’t documented much for the site.  We lost Prada, who I considered to be the herd queen, on April 1, 2011, and I was heartbroken. We’ve also had joys though.  We […]

Update from the farm

This is likely to be a very dry and very long post to catch up on all that’s gone down on the farm in the last few months … so I’ll try to make it bearable with pictures. 🙂 Since the state fair in October (I still can’t believe that was my last post. Sheesh!), […]

It’s a Wonderful Life (My Old Blog)

I’ve been a blogger since November 2008 and a writer for longer than I can remember.  I started out with a personal blog on Blogger:  It’s a Wonderful Life, borrowing its name from Frank Capra’s holiday classic, the blog was meant to contain my thoughts – mostly random – about my blessed life.  I spent a […]

Aliases for Safety on the Net

So earlier this week, I was talking with my new friend @audcole at the #LRTweeties about blogging, children and “being safe” online with regard to kids. See when I first started blogging back in Fall 2008, I initially set up my blog to be protected, i.e., only viewable by permission.  I soon convinced myself that […]

Coming Attractions

I’m sitting in a mandatory professional practicum course that will last all day. Apparently, there is a recent trend toward requiring this type of professional practicum within two years of passing the bar in many states. So even though I first passed a bar in 2002, because I’m new to Arkansas, here I sit. It […]

45 Days

It’s been about 45 days since my last post. I’m not saying that because it’s a record I’m proud of or anything … just pointing out the fact that I’ve been a blogging slacker as of late. And actually acknowledging the length of time makes it even funnier to me that I’m blogging now. You […]

The Simple Life

Despite the season, I’m in a “spring cleaning” sort of mood, though my idea of spring cleaning is probably not typical. When I “spring clean,” I don’t wax floors and scrub baseboards; I purge. I throw things out or away. I simplify. Or, at least, I try to simplify. For instance, now that I’m working […]