Photo of all 7 boarding passes from my travel day.

Three Good Things About the Worst Travel Day of My Life

I had intended on blogging this week about our Captain Marvel viewing from the weekend. But then yesterday happened. Even though I’m an adjunct rather than full-time faculty, there’s this annual teaching/writing conference that I like to go to, whenever I can get grant money to cover my registration, that is. It’s the Conference on […]

No Wonder

I’ve been so busy with the launch of my book and planning Wonder Boy’s 10th birthday party, that I just realized I never posted about Wonder Woman. No worries though. It’s not like the internet needs another review of the movie. You all know it’s fantastic already. So this post is really not *about* Wonder […]

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Updated 4/1/16 (see below). Yesterday was the day I’d been waiting for with mixed emotions: the premiere of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Thrilled to once again see my beloved superhero on the big screen; anxious at the possibility of him being relegated to second best by that annoying bat. Don’t get me wrong: […]

A House Divided

A lot of noteworthy stuff happened this weekend: It was Valentine’s Day. The 13yo attended his first school dance (and actually had fun). We went to a local restaurant’s grand opening (and wine tasting, ftw!). Justice Scalia died. I won a door prize at a health fair (seriously, I never win anything). We saw Deadpool […]

Superman versus Batman

Last week Warner Bros announced they’d be releasing the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,  the anticipated 2016 sequel to Man of Steel (2013), in select theaters. Sometime between 24 and 48 hours later, that teaser was leaked online. So far I’ve seen mixed reviews of it, from “epic” to “underwhelming.” […]

Which superhero are you?

That was the semi-random question asked on the way home from guitar/voice lessons the other night. Only semi-random because, being the nerdy family we are, we’re regularly debating things such as “what superpower would you want,” “who would win in a fight” (hint: always Superman), and other *super* issues. The 11yo (Boy Genius) instigated this […]

A Tempered Response to Batfleck

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the news hit that Ben Affleck accepted the role of the caped crusader in the Man of Steel sequel, the title of which writer David S. Goyer has said would be a toss-up between either Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman. (And it occurs to me […]

I Need a Super Man

Okay, “need” might be a strong word. And I’m sure if I tweeted about this, someone would surely throw up the “firstworldproblems” hashtag. But in the grand scheme of what makes me smile, I need Superman to be a super man. Words cannot express (which pains me to even say) how excited I am for […]

!!!!!!! (Which is ‘giddy’ talk for ‘I’m ready for Man of Steel’)

Man of Steel, which doesn’t come out for another SIX MONTHS, released a full trailer (i.e. more than just the teaser it released in conjunction with The Dark Knight Rises back in July) last week. My response, accompanied by some bouncing, shaking, squealing and general giddiness: “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It’s gonna be […]

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My Tongue is Bleeding

Because I had to bite down on it too hard to resist a colorful response. Late last night I posted that I didn’t want to see Affleck in a cape or tights or any kind of superhero get-up and today I click through Facebook to an article on Spinoff Online to see this: I think […]

Ben Affleck is Not My Super Friend

I just read this article from CBR about how Warner Bros wants Ben Affleck at the helm of a Justice League movie to rival The Avengers.  You know, Justice League – Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman … the list of potentials really goes on and on.  And you know, Ben Affleck, […]

As Good As It Gets

I may need an intervention. Or a firm slap on the face. Warning: This post is full of whine. See, I’ve been a bit down lately. My best friend moved away on Friday. No more marathon lunches. No more hours spent at her kitchen table or on my couch with our laptops while the kids […]

The Sun is Shining on the Last Son of Krypton

And I’m hanging onto his coat- er, cape?- tails. I’m on vacation and hadn’t planned on blogging but the first teaser trailers for Man of Steel were released this weekend in conjunction with the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Now, it probably goes without saying that I was almost as anxious to see this […]

More Obsessing Over Man of Steel

With all the talk of upcoming Comic-Con 2012, I’ve been going back and forth over being disgusted for not being able to go yet. another. year. and over being obsessed with finding the latest photos from Man of Steel (2013). My Superman obsession being no secret, I’ve mentioned before how much this movie excites and […]