It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane; No, it’s a … British Actor?

When I first heard the news (via Twitter) that Henry Cavill was cast to play Superman in the new franchise led by Zack Snyder, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know who Cavill was but after just one photo and blurb, I was instantly against the idea. While I’m a geek for superhero and any comic-related […]

Coke Zero vs. Coca Cola Classic

Okay, what are they smoking? Coke Zero does NOT taste like Coca Cola Classic.  It has the same artificial sweetner-induced aftertaste (that’s the aspartame) that’s often found in the knock-offs.  No matter the occasionally clever and more often corny commercials with the silly “da da dun da dun dun” jingle, Coke Zero is not as […]

Alice’s New Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Boy Genius has been talking about seeing Avatar in 3D ever since it came out, even after he realized it wasn’t the story of Aang and his element-bending posse.  When Bryan and Pepa first went to see it, the idea was that it might be “a bit much” for little eyes.  Then Bryan, raving that […]

The existence of Edward

I suppose the Twilight Saga is the latest cult phenomenon. For that reason alone (well, coupled with my stubborn nonconformity), I resisted for quite some time. It wasn’t until Bryan innocently rented the movie for us to watch one evening that my obsession began. There is just something about Edward. And it’s not Rob Pattinson. […]