Staying Power

Is there something about getting older that automatically makes you more sentimental? more nostalgic? let’s face it, mushier (physically and mentally, most likely)? The older I get (and I’m not old at all really), the more sentimental I’ve become. Not so much about things, but about people. It’s harder and harder to leave friends when […]

Talking Points

So I’m really enjoying this whole blogging thing but … I sort of “got in trouble” on Saturday about it. I’d been sitting in the recliner pecking away at the keys when Bryan suddenly asked, “What’re you smirking about?” (Was I smirking? I didn’t realize it.) Anyway, I quickly answered, so as not to lose […]


One would think that I’d seen enough boxes to last a lifetime, with 3 moves in 2 years under my belt. But, no, I entered the most heavenly store tonight after dinner. Bryan’s dad is visiting and he treated us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in a shopping center which includes The Container Store. […]