Hot As Fire (circa June 1991)

Images, visions, dreamsNothing as it seemsHidden passions, burning desireForbidden kisses, hot as fire Unforgettable illusionsCreating confusionsSecret last flingsSomewhere reality springs It won’t last foreverFeelings someone will severRecreated in the mindA thousand years down the line But when the past is long goneOne day the thought will dawnThat passion is thereSomeone does still care Somewhere the […]

Happy Birthday Karen (circa March 1991)

“Happy Birthday” Happy birthday darlin’I realize your heart no longer beats for JonBut it’s only because another year in your lifeHas come and gone I only thank you thatOur friendship didn’t also disappearInto the midst of the faultsThat lingered this past year. Someday we’re gonna look backTo the times we laughed togetherThose times, we have […]