If Cars Could Talk

I think we’re all feeling a little nostalgic about Aunt Bee. Not the original Aunt Bee. See, that’s what we call the van.  She’s getting on up there in years and, with her dents and dings and moans and groans, she always seems frazzled and on the verge of breaking down. But, nevertheless, she always […]

Mother’s Day 2014

This Mother’s Day post is dedicated to the teenager in the house, who remains the sweetest child of mine. Now, don’t get me wrong. The boys have their sweet moments. The way hubs tells it, Wonder Boy (the almost 7yo) took extra special care in picking just the right Mother’s Day card for me yesterday, […]

The Fun Parent

This week marks what has become an annual occurrence that I call “Kidcation.” The kids get a vacation from cleaning their rooms, milking goats, feeding animals and doing other chores; and they get to spend a week with their Mema, where the order of the day is as much fun as possible, as little “no” […]

Big Fat Liar Pants

In our house, when someone says something that’s clearly not true, we call them a “big fat liar pants.” Now, this is not to make light of telling lies; lying (and omitting the truth) receives harsh punishment, just ask the Girl, who’s currently grounded from all electronics. But, sometimes, there are things said even though […]

This is my brain, not even on drugs

Well, only legal ones, I swear. I’ve been joking a lot lately that I’ve developed ADD, that I can’t seem to focus on any one thing. I’ve even taken to counting backwards from 100 at night to force my brain to shut down. I usually make it to about 85 before my mind starts wandering […]

Kidcation 2012 Part 2

So last week, I was all “to-do lists be damned”and was bound and determined to not to anything I didn’t want to do. This week, there’s been a fundamental shift in the universe and I’ve been all about marking things off that damned to-do list. I’ve been deadset on getting as much done as I […]

Kidcation 2012

It should probably be called “momcation” but kidcation is what I used last year, and I’m nothing if not consistent. So the kids left yesterday with Pepa to travel back to Alabama to stay with Mema for their annual visit. This time for two weeks. All three kids gone for two weeks. No kids for […]


The kids are at Mema’s for a week. A whole week. We’ve been doing this for the last few summers – I think ever since we moved from Alabama to Texas in 2006 – one or all of them spending a week each with her and working in a week where all three of them […]

My Kid Got Kicked Out of Daycare

Ok, not really.  He only got suspended.  Yeah, only.  The dreadful day was last Thursday, when I got the call that our 3-year-old, Wonder Boy (as in I wonder if he’ll be the death of me), was in the daycare director’s office and needed to be picked up.  When I arrived, I was told he […]

Wonder Boy … the Bully???

By the time I’m writing this it’s pretty much moot, which, despite the fact that it’s a reminder that I’m neglecting the blog, really is a good thing.  You see, before Thanksgiving, we were having a bit of a problem with Wonder Boy at daycare.  Okay, that’s an understatement.  Our 2-year-old was on the verge […]

Dining Out With the Pack

This past Saturday morning, we were going to go to the River Market but got sidetracked driving around looking at storage buildings and sheds (ooh, fun! no, it really was) because we’ll need something like that if we end up buying the Benton house (hmmm, I guess I’ll need to explain that in another post). […]

It’s Good To Be Home

That’s what Boy Genius said when he climbed into the van in the parking lot of the Wal-mart in Holly Springs, Mississippi. That was the “halfway” point at which we met Mema & Danny on Saturday to pick up the kids from their week away. I’d hugged him as soon as he got out of […]


Becoming a mother changes everything … your priorities, your perspective, your hopes and fears, your body, your ability to pee in private … . And that last one is important (other than for obvious reasons) because suddenly you never go anywhere alone. Now, there might be those few and far between moments where you steal […]

One For the Record Books …

There are certain circumstances or situations that seem more conducive to writing than others — for instance, a stolen moment of quiet in the midst of everyday chaos … a shady spot on a breezy but warm Spring day … the break of day or the dawn of night when the whole world sleeps — […]

Happy Anniversary

This past Saturday was our 10th wedding anniversary and we just keep getting better! We had a wonderful time on a weekend getaway to Branson. We had planned on going to our house in TN, renting a Uhaul and bringing some stuff back here for the move out of the corporate housing at the end […]