It’s a Wonderful Life (My Old Blog)

I’ve been a blogger since November 2008 and a writer for longer than I can remember.  I started out with a personal blog on Blogger:  It’s a Wonderful Life, borrowing its name from Frank Capra’s holiday classic, the blog was meant to contain my thoughts – mostly random – about my blessed life.  I spent a […]


You know how sometimes you wake up with a crick in your neck and end up spending half the day walking around looking like you just found out someone’s cat died or, worse yet, like a “bug in an Edgar-suit” (Men in Black)? You catch yourself saying “it doesn’t hurt if I hold it like […]

45 Days

It’s been about 45 days since my last post. I’m not saying that because it’s a record I’m proud of or anything … just pointing out the fact that I’ve been a blogging slacker as of late. And actually acknowledging the length of time makes it even funnier to me that I’m blogging now. You […]

The Simple Life

Despite the season, I’m in a “spring cleaning” sort of mood, though my idea of spring cleaning is probably not typical. When I “spring clean,” I don’t wax floors and scrub baseboards; I purge. I throw things out or away. I simplify. Or, at least, I try to simplify. For instance, now that I’m working […]

New Website for BlogFrog

BlogFrog is a sort of online social community for bloggers. You register for free and plug in your blog url. It’s a cool site to share and connect. And they’ve just made their new and improved site LIVE. Check it out here!

Is CIT Group Next?

Reuters and the Wall Street Journal’s website released the news today that CIT Group has reached a financing deal with its’ bondholders, to the tune of $3 billion, that is supposed to keep CIT out of bankruptcy. Really? Isn’t that actually the tell-tale sign of what’s to surely come next? I mean, doesn’t the news […]

The Benton House … Again ((sigh))

Well, it’s a good thing I’m not still holding my breath. (See my earlier post, The Benton House). Despite the stress of not knowing for so long whether we were going to get the house, once the bank signed off on it from the seller’s side, we thought we were in the clear. Ha, ha […]


“I can’t think of one reason big enough for him to lie that’s small enough not to matter.” — Patrick (Casey Affleck‘s character), Gone Baby Gone.

Update on My Law Practice

As of this week, I have joined the Keech Law Firm as of counsel. Our offices are located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and we practice consumer and commercial bankruptcy, general civil litigation, real estate, domestic and probate law.

Sweet Justice

So have you heard the story of the Pennsylvania pervert who whined about his oober-lenient child porn sentence? Isn’t there something that makes justice sweeter when the smoking gun comes from the wrongdoer’s own hand? Back in 2005, Richard Balsavage was sentenced to a mere 9 to 23 months in jail in Berks County, Pa. […]

Happy Birthday Baby!

Wonder Boy turned 2 years old today! So how was it? I’ll let the pictures do the talking: This was while the wait staff at the restaurant sang “Happy Birthday.” I think he was protecting his territory as invading hands (The Girl & Boy Genius) began to descend. A quick smile between bites!


I think Sharpies are to women what duct tape is to men. — Nicole O’Neal

The Benton House

Alright, here’s the story … of a lovely house … that was bringing us some very stressful times :). The Benton house, as I dubbed it in a previous post, is a relatively new log-cabin style home that sits on almost 12 acres of wooded land out “in the sticks.” It’s a great house with […]

ND Mom Pleads Guilty For “BWI”

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for weird news. You know the ones: stories like the recent sea of bunnies littering a front yard in New Mexico or the four Alaskans who recently won the Competitive Facial Hair Competition (the one historically “dominated” by the Germans) or the SC governor who disappeared for 5 […]

My Blawg

I’ve started a blawg, i.e., a legal blog, to comment on recent legal news, share tips and information, and just generally be a part of the legal blogosphere! Please check it out and become a follower of Legally Bound.