Help for Students Creating Portfolio and Blog Websites

This semester, Henderson State University students in Basic English, Freshman English A and Freshman English B will be creating final digital portfolios in lieu of an end-of-semester exam. These portfolios must contain all writing from the semester as well as a new reflective essay detailing the student’s learning during the course. To encourage students to […]

Introduction to the Final Portfolio for HSU

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The Writing Process: In “Steps”

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Review or Introduction to Rhetorical Vocabulary

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Research, Source Use and Process

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Combining Patterns of Development

Logical Fallacies in Advertisements

Here are links to some good resources from around the web related to the presence of logical fallacies in advertisements. Start with this blog post: An English teacher/blogger analyzes fallacies of Super Bowl ads. Then watch this YouTube video: A student compiled clips and explanations for a class project. Finally, take a look at these […]

Teaching Notes: Cause-and-Effect Analysis

For Freshman English A (first semester first-year writing) Corresponds to Chapters 9 of The Student Writer Definitions: Cause = the “why” of an event, trend, situation, phenomenon Effect = the “what happened” of a cause Analysis = evaluation; a close, detailed, critical, focused consideration Two Types – both types discuss both causes and effects but […]

Process Analyses Examples, As Identified and Explained by Students

First-semester, first-year writing students were asked to find examples of process analysis and explain why their selections fit the category. Here are some of the best examples/explanations (in no particular order): WikiHow Link: How to Throw a Knuckball Leon T. said: “I believe this is process analysis because they explain step by step in which […]

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Drafting & Revising Techniques

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Writing Narratives

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Teaching Notes: Introduction to Patterns of Development

For Freshman English A (first semester first-year writing) Corresponds to Chapters 4-12 of The Student Writer   Patterns of Development = how to develop paragraphs, correlates closely to genres Book addresses, by chapter, the following patterns or genres: Description Narration Exemplification (“showing by example”) Process Analysis (either to provide step-by-step instructions or simply to explain […]

Writing Process

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