Help for Students Creating Portfolio and Blog Websites

This semester, Henderson State University students in Basic English, Freshman English A and Freshman English B will be creating final digital portfolios in lieu of an end-of-semester exam. These portfolios must contain all writing from the semester as well as a new reflective essay detailing the student’s learning during the course. To encourage students to […]

The Writing Process: In “Steps”

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Sample Digital Portfolios

UA-Little Rock’s first-year writing curriculum includes an end-of-course final portfolio in lieu of a final exam. The following links are to actual portfolios created by students in Mrs. Williams’ classes. The students have given permission to Mrs. Williams’ to share their portfolios as examples for other students. For the Google Sites portfolios, you may be required […]

Writing to Convince

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Writing to Analyze

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Arguments and Position Papers

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Writing a Personal Statement

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Logical Fallacies in Advertisements

Here are links to some good resources from around the web related to the presence of logical fallacies in advertisements. Start with this blog post: An English teacher/blogger analyzes fallacies of Super Bowl ads. Then watch this YouTube video: A student compiled clips and explanations for a class project. Finally, take a look at these […]

Rhetorical Appeals

Critical Reading & Rhetorical Analysis



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Writing Process

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