welcome to the farm, Underdog

About a week ago, a stray dog started hanging around the farm.  It’s not the first time since we’ve moved in that a stray has shown up.  Before though, within a day or so, the visitor would be no where to be found and we could be none the happier to not “add to our […]

Wonder Boy

Based on my previous post Aliases for Safety on the Net, meet “Wonder Boy.”  He’s the baby of the family and clearly knows it.  He’ll be 3 next month and is a typical in-to-everything toddler.  He has an affinity for flushing things down toilets, at home or otherwise, which you’d think would have made potty-training a […]

Boy Genius

Based on my previous post Aliases for Safety on the Net, meet “Boy Genius.”  He’s our precocious middle child who, I’m fairly convinced, is fairly convinced he’s the smartest member of this family.  He’ll be 8 this year and is already reading well beyond his age.  We’re not sure if he comprehends everything he reads, but […]

The Girl

Based on my previous post Aliases for Safety on the Net, meet “The Girl.”  She’s our ultra-girley, uber-sensitive and undoubtedly lovable little girl who thinks she’s the third adult (and perhaps second in charge) in the family.  She’ll be 10 this year and seems to already easily transition from the barbie-doll playing little princess to […]

Aliases for Safety on the Net

So earlier this week, I was talking with my new friend @audcole at the #LRTweeties about blogging, children and “being safe” online with regard to kids. See when I first started blogging back in Fall 2008, I initially set up my blog to be protected, i.e., only viewable by permission.  I soon convinced myself that […]