For Sale

New posting 8/1/2013 While we regularly take inquiries regarding all the animals on our site, here are several that we’re currently offering for sale. Email: info AT applebottomsfarm DOT com. Prices are based on pick-up at our farm. Nigerian Dwarf Goats Pecan Hollow SF Milky Way (“Milky”) 6-year-old purebred Nigerian Dwarf doe. Previously shown in several […]

Spring Fever

With the weather cooperating over the last few days, I’ve been spending more time out with the animals. Of course, some of them seem none too happy about it. Whether it’s being flogged by the roosters or rammed by my favorite buck, I’ve had it rough this week. I’ll blame it on the weather, though. […]

Update from the farm

This is likely to be a very dry and very long post to catch up on all that’s gone down on the farm in the last few months … so I’ll try to make it bearable with pictures. 🙂 Since the state fair in October (I still can’t believe that was my last post. Sheesh!), […]

How we faired at the fair

Lonoke County Fair 2010 Dairy Goat Show, September 22nd The Girl competed for showmanship in the Junior Show, but neither of the boys were old enough this year. The Girl got lots of show experience this year, showing Milky, Mariah, Ladyhawk, Rogue and Kitty Pryde. Boy Genius competed for PeeWee showmanship and showed in the […]

Lil’ Chicky’s Face again

Lil’ Chicky’s Face again Originally uploaded by stephhwilliams Day 3 of antibiotics. May be a lost cause.Steph Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Lil’ Chicky Poo’s Swollen Face

Lil’ Chicky Poo’s Swollen Face Originally uploaded by stephhwilliamsLil’ Chicky Poo’s had a swollen eye/face since the weekend. We thought it was an abcess but an attempt at draining was futile. I believe antibiotics are necessary. In case you can’t tell how bad it is: the last pic is her good side, i.e. that’s what […]

“I hate a flogging rooster”

That’s what Ruby Thewes (Renee Zellweger’s character) in Cold Mountain says to a terrified Nicole Kidman just before wringing the bird’s neck.  That’s also what Pepa said when Bryan told him about my recent encounters in the chicken coop.  Now I’ve known since shortly after we got this rooster that he wasn’t all that bright, […]

We Have Chicks!

No, not from the eggs I was so excited about in the last post.  Nope, I bought these chicks.  21 of them to be exact.  That’ll teach Bryan to send me off on my own to the flea market for farm animals! I’d been “chatting” with a lady in a Yahoo! Group and on the […]

We Have Had Have Eggs!

We have eggs! Woohoo! I’ve been very anxious, since before Christmas, for our hens to start laying. When we got them in early October, we were told that they’d just started molting. So I started counting the weeks to when we should start getting eggs from them. When we got back home from our New […]

The (not-so) Great Flood

It’s been an exciting Christmas Eve on the Farm today.  Since we moved in here in late Summer, we’ve had a few “floods” way in the back where the tree line of the woods starts.  There are a few stray patches of concrete in places around the grounds — apparently the previous owner worked for […]

The De Facto Creation of Apple Hill Farm

Having finally completed the first fencing project – i.e., keeping the dogs in the yard and Wonder Boy out of the pond – we decided we were ready to begin our farming endeavor. We knew pretty quickly after moving in that, with a little modification, the pen where the dogs had been staying could be […]