Know Your Audience

Any composition teacher will tell you, it’s one of the first rules of writing: know your audience. Knowing who you are writing to helps to set the tone of your piece and aids you in serving your purpose. Well, here’s proof that hubs doesn’t read/keep up with my blog (or read my text messages, for […]

Kidcation 2012

It should probably be called “momcation” but kidcation is what I used last year, and I’m nothing if not consistent. So the kids left yesterday with Pepa to travel back to Alabama to stay with Mema for their annual visit. This time for two weeks. All three kids gone for two weeks. No kids for […]

My Neverending Story

I’m writing a novel. I’ve been writing (actively, albeit infrequently at times) it for at least 3 years. Of course, I’ve been talking about writing a book (a different one) for at least 15 years. I’ve had this concept for a non-fiction book, that I’ve only talked to less than a handful of people about, […]