15 Habits of Great Writers: Day 14 – Brand

For Day 14 of the Great Writers Series, Jeff encourages us to develop brands. Branding has a lot to do with the impression your work leaves on people. “A brand is the simplest, most memorable part of yourself you can give.” Jeff challenges participants to establish the three elements that make up a brand: (1) […]

It’s a Wonderful Life (My Old Blog)

I’ve been a blogger since November 2008 and a writer for longer than I can remember.  I started out with a personal blog on Blogger:  It’s a Wonderful Life, borrowing its name from Frank Capra’s holiday classic, the blog was meant to contain my thoughts – mostly random – about my blessed life.  I spent a […]

Steph’s Writing

I’ve been taking a somewhat cathartic trip down memory lane, digging through a time-battered box labeled (in black permanent marker) “steph’s writing.”  This box, contents and all, has traveled with me through 5 house moves, across 4 state lines, and usually resting in the attics of each house in the intervals in between. The contents […]

humble beginning part 4 (final i think)

Recently, Bryan accepted a wonderful opportunity back in the Little Rock area. He’s the chief nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital-North in NLR. It’s the type of position he’s been working towards AND it means he won’t be traveling every week (like he was in Franklin). So about two and a half weeks ago, we moved […]

humble beginnings part 3

And on… From Corpus, Bryan got an opportunity to work more on the corporate level for a hospital holding company in Franklin, Tennessee. So off we went. Franklin was absolutely wonderful. When we sold our house in Texas, we bought one in an established neighborhood in south Franklin in a good school district. Our kids […]

humble beginnings part 2

and I go on… After law school, I clerked for a bankruptcy judge in Anniston, Alabama for a year and Bryan began to move up in nursing administration at a hospital in Birmingham. After my clerkship, I went to work practicing, first doing solely bankruptcy type work for a large firm in Birmingham and then […]

humble beginnings

okay, let’s get started with a little bit about me up to this point in my wonderful life. I grew up mostly in Hot Springs, Arkansas and graduated from Lake Hamilton High School in Pearcy in 1992. Then, I went to college for a little while in Jonesboro, then in Little Rock. Almost all of […]