Writing to Convince

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Arguments and Position Papers

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Literary and Scene Analyses

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Logical Fallacies in Advertisements

Here are links to some good resources from around the web related to the presence of logical fallacies in advertisements. Start with this blog post: An English teacher/blogger analyzes fallacies of Super Bowl ads. Then watch this YouTube video: A student compiled clips and explanations for a class project. Finally, take a look at these […]

Rhetorical Appeals

Teaching Notes: Cause-and-Effect Analysis

For Freshman English A (first semester first-year writing) Corresponds to Chapters 9 of The Student Writer Definitions: Cause = the “why” of an event, trend, situation, phenomenon Effect = the “what happened” of a cause Analysis = evaluation; a close, detailed, critical, focused consideration Two Types – both types discuss both causes and effects but […]


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