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Steph Williams Posts

Moms’ Group

I just started a new community group on Circle of Moms on Facebook called “Little Rock Moms.” I’m hoping that moms in the area will join and share stories, tips, encouragement etc. online, while also having the option of playgroups, moms’ nights, etc.

End of the Beginning

(of course, for this one, I heard the best performance ever at Bryan’s grandmother’s funeral, because she had asked that it be sung, by Bryan’s uncle’s stepson-in-law; wish I had that on video!)


One would think that I’d seen enough boxes to last a lifetime, with 3 moves in 2 years under my belt. But, no, I entered the most heavenly store tonight after dinner. Bryan’s dad is visiting and he treated us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in a shopping center…

30 going on 13

Ahhh, The Girl. At some point, I think, most mothers realize that their little darlings can either be sweet, angelic, “you’ll always be my little girl” babies or the battitude sportin’ “when did 8 become the new 13” pains in the you-know-whats. I wonder, though, how many see this in…