The Simple Life

Despite the season, I’m in a “spring cleaning” sort of mood, though my idea of spring cleaning is probably not typical. When I “spring clean,” I don’t wax floors and scrub baseboards; I purge. I throw things out or away. I simplify. Or, at least, I try to simplify. For instance, now that I’m working […]

Sweet Justice

So have you heard the story of the Pennsylvania pervert who whined about his oober-lenient child porn sentence? Isn’t there something that makes justice sweeter when the smoking gun comes from the wrongdoer’s own hand? Back in 2005, Richard Balsavage was sentenced to a mere 9 to 23 months in jail in Berks County, Pa. […]

Is No One Is Safe?

Didn’t I see somewhere recently where those “in the know” were saying that the current recession is coming to an end? Maybe it was wishful thinking. Regardless, how much longer are things going to be so dreary…probably until everyone stops acting like everything’s so dreary. The Career Services office at the University of Texas at […]