meStephanie Haley Williams is a former lawyer-turned-writing teacher.

After college, she veered from her original plan of teaching; instead she went to law school and joined the rat-race. During her approximate 10-year legal career, she worked for a judge, a large multi-state firm, a small law office, and even hung her own shingle, figuratively that is. Never feeling quite satisfied with her career, she turned back to her first love and began teaching part-time at local secondary institutions.

Since 2009, she has taught freshman writing classes, paralegal classes and law school classes. Now, she focuses all of her time and attention on teaching freshman writing at two local universities and on her own writing. Her story might be one of a winding journey, but her heart is in writing and teaching, both of which are the focus of this website.

Stephanie has maintained, albeit not always frequently, a personal blog since 2008. At stephhwilliams.com, she writes about family, faith and writing, with a healthy dose of superheroes, Harry Potter, and whatever else strikes her fancy.

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“Writers are, by nature, creatures of mixed emotions. We’ve no need to be simple or cookie-cutter; we have all the words.” – S. Williams