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About the Author


I’m Stephanie.  I’m generally known around the web on social sites like Twitter as “stephhwilliams.”  I’m a mom to 3 pretty awesome (most of the time) kids and wife to 1 always awesome (even when I’m mad at him) man. I’m also a daughter of the King, and I praise Him daily for His loving forgiveness (because I surely need it). I used to be a lawyer and hated it. I used to be a goat farmer and loved it. I’m a college-level teacher as needed (which is a lot, thankfully) and a writer (though not nearly enough).

My husband Bryan and I met in 1994 and married in 1999. Our children are: The Girl, born in 2000; Boy Genius, born in 2002; and Wonder Boy, born in 2007 (names have been changed to protect the sometimes innocent). We also have a Lab, Chihuahua, Basenji and Bearded Dragon.

For a long time, I’ve had a personal blog where I talked about … well, whatever crosses my mind. So you’ll see posts on here that are a little bit of everything and all me. However, when I am intentional (which I’m trying to do more of) about what I write, what message I want to share: I talk mostly about writing and about motherhood/family. Because, let’s face it, when you’re a mother (of children still living at home) there’s not a lot of separation between what you fundamentally like to do (write) and who you fundamentally are (mom). So you’ll see posts about writing, where I hope to encourage and engage with other writers, to teach a little and learn a little in the process. And you’ll see posts about motherhood/family, where I hope to share experiences and encourage others in similar situations, hopefully in an entertaining and enlightening way. I’m not one to promise anything like two posts a week but I will promise this: smart, witty and (sometimes surprisingly) cohesive writing that provides learning and encouragement without arrogance (or even a sense that I have it all figured out). Oh, and lots of parentheticals.

So I hope you’ll read along and, if you like, even subscribe to get blog updates (I promise no spam). I look forward to sharing the ride with you.