“No severed limbs in your room!”

Believe it or not, this was supposed to be a teaching moment. But as with most teaching moments in our household, something went awry.  We were driving back from the Conway Best Buy when Pour Some Sugar On Me came on Tom FM and the following occurred:


Dad (turning the radio up slightly and turning to face the kids): This band, Def Leppard, was very big when your mom and I were younger.  Then, the drummer was in a car wreck and lost one of his arms.  (Silence from the kids but they were paying attention). After awhile, the band came back and the drummer played with just one arm.

Mom: Just as good as before.

Dad: (To Mom) Well, very good still. (Then, to kids) So, you see why we get very aggravated when you say you can’t do something.  Look at what he did with just one arm. … He’s playing this song with one arm.


Boy Genius: What happened to his arm?

(At this point, Dad and I exchange exasperated looks because we’re used to Boy Genius not always paying attention to what’s going on around him).

Dad: It was ripped off in the wreck …

Boy Genius: No, I know, but what happened to it? What’d they do with it? … I’d put it in a museum …

Dad: (laughing)

The Girl: That’s not the point, [BG]. (You could almost hear the sound of her eyes rolling.)

(Conversation continues between the kids in the back).

Dad: (To Mom) I think he’s a genius.

(My turn to laugh).

Dad: (To Mom) No, really, his mind works differently than most people’s.

(Then, from the back …)

The Girl: (To BG) What if you could buy it?

Boy Genius: I would SO buy it …



So I’m pretty sure that the point of the lesson was lost but at least they can’t say I’ve never told them not to bring body parts home.

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